Prowess Training - Prepare for Spartan Race
Prowess Training - Prepare for Spartan Race
Prowess Training - Prepare for Spartan Race


Prowess Training -Prepare for your next Spartan Race.

Prowess Training is founded and run by Coach Kandice, and will grow to include other Obstacle Course Race Coaches as the Program advances.

Each workout and movement has purpose. Each programming guide fulfills 3 key phases of focus: Function, Fitness, and Performance. Teammates gain abilities, strength, and endurance, at a pace that promotes healthy advancement of their bodies. Prowess Training’s programming is full of care, proactive thinking, listening, and guidance.

Prowess Training allows teammates to gain access to resources they need for specific obstacle course race training, no matter where they are in the world. Teammates choose their level of assistance from free workout ideas, all the way to personalized, virtual coaching services.


In 2012, Coach Kandice’s first Obstacle Course Race team was created in Charleston, South Carolina. With the addition of mentors and coaches, the team was able to to progress from the bottom 5% of Spartan Race finishes, to the top 5% of teams, within just one year.

Taking this knowledge and experience, Kandice became Coach Kandice, and obtained her certification for Spartan Race Coaching, through the SGX Program.

After moving to Cincinnati, Ohio in 2017, Coach Kandice has put together her most successful seasons yet. She’s earned several podium finishes herself in the Age Group categories, and brought three other teammates to podium finishes as well in 2019. If you live in the Cincinnati area, meetup with her team, The Rise Up Spartans, for training sessions throughout the week at local parks.

Meet the Team

Success Leaves Clues; will you be picking them up?

Kandice Powell - Prowess Training - Prepare for Spartan Race

Coach Kandice Powell

Founder & Lead Coach

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. 2012 – today

Certified Spartan SGX Coach 2014 – today

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