My Experience Being “Patched”

Every coach hears excuses. Besides maybe being a parent, we are one of the largest groups of people who commonly are on the receiving end of an excuse.

An excuse is an excuse, but I know I have a least favorite one. The excuse “I’m old,” just doesn’t sit with me well. That is probably because I stare at this one in denial everyday! I’m still coming into my prime, not exiting it…or so I believe.

stem cell activation patches

Ignoring the fact that I’m aging is becoming harder and harder, especially while I’ve had a stretch of injuries and more aches and pains than ever. Surely this isn’t what they talk about, when they say you’ll start to “feel older,” is it?

However, I may have found my answer; my little fountain of youth. My husband learned about these stem cell activation patches. You slap on one of these patches, and it enhances your own stem cells. These non-transdermal patches encourage your own stell cells to restore your body, just like it did when you were a child. Interesting…I had heard of stem cell injections to help promote healing of injuries faster, but what a much easier, smarter, and safer alternative! Why not make the stem cells you have, behave better, instead of injecting your body with them from another source?

I tried a patch on my troubling ankle one night. When getting up first thing in the morning, I typically would have extreme stiffness and pain in my Achilles up to my calf. However, this patched morning, I was walking to my bathroom before I realized I didn’t have nearly the stiffness and pain that I usually had. In fact, I had quite a bit more range of motion in my ankle!

From understanding my experience with stem cell activation patches, anyone that is dealing with a chronic pain, knows how much it affects your life – from your mobility to your mood, to your focus. Pain steals so much from us.

Though these stem cell activation patches do a whole lot more than just help an injury and manage your pain, this is where I found immediate relief and results.

I am sold, especially with learning more about the clinical research, and hearing my friends’ stories. My experience with stem cell activation patches has been remarkable, and I’ve only been wearing them for 3 months!

If you know someone that could benefit from a patch, I’m gladly sharing out samples. Submit your contact info below, and I’ll send you a free patch to try, along with some information.

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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