Be prepared for your next Spartan Sprint, Super, or Beast with Prowess Training’s Spartan Race Training Plans. Spartan Races demand both strength and agility, endurance and explosiveness, stamina and speed. That’s why having a well-rounded training program is a must to step-up to your biggest competitor on race day – the course itself!

Below you will find training plans for each type of race (Ultra training plan coming soon). Spartan Sprints are great for beginners, while Supers require more endurance and skill on obstacles. The Spartan Beast is the most challenging of the three race types.

spartan sprint training guide

Spartan Sprint Training Plan

For Beginners
Spartan Sprint races are a 5k distance.


spartan super training

Spartan Super Training Plan

Spartan Super races are a 10k distance.


spartan beast training guide

Spartan Beast Training Plan

Athletic Experience Recommended
Spartan Beasts races are a half-marathon distance.


Each training plan is divided into three phases: Function, Fitness, and Performance. All workouts require basic equipment – a weight of some kind (preferably a sandbag or dumbbell/kettlebell), a playground to hang on bars and for grip strength, and somewhere to run, like parks/trails or a treadmill.

In the Function Phase Weeks, we’ll start building a base of endurance for running, and gradually add more time on our feet. Also, we utilize time as an indicator rather than distance to run. Throughout the Fitness and Performance Phases, we’ll add more Speed work, sustaining that speed for longer and longer distances, with increasing volume to strength and conditioning workouts. 

The obstacle skill of spear throw is very unique to Spartan Race, and requires some creativity to construct for practice. If you’d like to purchase the real thing, check out this vendor. Homemade spears made from wooden broom handles and long nail tips, work fine, too. Always ensure safety when practicing! Here’s a safer version, DIY video on making your own Spartan Spear.

All Training Plans encourage outdoor training, although you could substitute indoors if needed. You’ll never be able to choose the weather and conditions on race day, but you can choose to prepare for whatever is thrown your way. Start now, and be prepared for your next Spartan Sprint, Super, or Beast with Prowess Training’s Spartan Race Training Plans!

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